One River, One Boat

by Marjorie Wentworth  ·  March 24, 2015

As South Carolina’s Poet Laureate, I have written quite a few occasional poems for a wide variety events—from the opening of a bridge to the closing [...]

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Mat Play: On Writing and Yoga

by Kathleen Kraft  ·  February 03, 2014

I sometimes find writing about the asanas (poses or postures) perplexing because there’s an ineffable quality in the practice, one that feels pre-linguistic. The feeling takes me back [...]

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Digging The Digital Word

by Mike Saye  ·  November 01, 2012

I’m taking a Shakespeare course, and recently, we were discussing the making of Renaissance books, the painstaking, hard work and the eye-blearing patience that goes along [...]

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