Five Points, Vol. 12 No. 2

Fall 2008

From Philip Schultz, “I always thought if I gave up poetry it would lead to happiness, because I was always writing about how unhappy I was, and it turned out to be the opposite.”

Sample Content

Billy Collins

There is nothing like them
except other berries, especially blue ones,

yet nothing compares with a bowl
full of blueberries in a pond of cream

as long as you exclude a bowl of cereal
with milk or a bowl of anything really

once the more distant points
of resemblance have been admitted.

Like snowflakes, no two blueberries
are alike though I fail to see

how this could possibly be demonstrated.
Oh, blueberries,

unique and at the same time
indistinguishable from anything else in the world

except you, dear one,
especially when you hold me

by the head and kiss me
as no blueberry has ever done, so far.