Five Points, Vol. 22, No. 2


Sample Content

Alpay Ulku
Countdown to Another War

Slept fitfully, still coughing. Winter’s done. After the endless, dreary cold, you’d think the sun would be welcome. No room for spring. No room for brinkmanship, to end. It’s like that song, you’re hot and you’re cold. Like one of those planets that has water in it but no life, the spin a little off. A seed in the dark earth of space, a gift. I doubt for us. So many riches, and the cost of failure is oblivion.

We tweet our songs of praise and threats. We terraform the Earth instead. Is there such a thing as the light from within? The other light hits us all, bright bright. Shadows burnt into the concrete, where a person once stood, eating an ice cream cone or something.