Five Points, Vol. 1 No. 3

Spring / Summer 1997

From Ann Beattie, “It’s not that the right people ever notice things; it’s the wrong people.”

Sample Content

Ron Rash
In a Deerstand above Goshen

Like a raft snagged in trees after flood,
the deerstand swayed and cracked, a faith
of rusty nails, gray wood above
leafstir and out-of-season squirrels,
but no high-branched buck, spiked yearling
that afternoon so I turned my back
to earth, the boards rough on my spine,
closed my eyes and did not wake
till darkness settled like rain, the stars
emerged like mayflies to depth the night
while I drifted between earth and sky
and did not rise although I heard
my distant name, my cousin calling.
I closed my eyes to all he argued,
dreaming our oldest dream of falling
away from the earth, toward heaven.