Five Points, Vol. 18 No. 2

Fall 2017

"Language has its own rules. Readers have their own desires. Poetry is not going to give you a break on any of this." —Kate Daniels

Sample Content

John Poch
Freight Dreams

When I was in my early twenties and trying to pay my way through college, I got a job at Southeastern Freight Lines loading and unloading tractor trailers. This was just south of Atlanta, where I lived in Midtown. ON the very first day, one old-timer kept telling me he was going to rape me. I don’t want to write what he said to me. He’d come up behind me and whisper. The other guys standing around laughed, so I knew he didn’t mean it, but I had never been talked to that way. I remember his face, but I don’t remember his name. I remember feeling hatred toward him. I hated him. And I didn’t like that about myself, that I could let someone get to me like that and make me hate him….