Five Points, Vol. 16 No.2

Spring 2015

From Meg Pokrass, "During the start of our spontaneous collaboration (there was no plan) I kept wondering if I were dreaming."

Sample Content

Philip Levine

In an old photograph, you can find me picketing outside Breslin’s Plumbing & Plating. Spring, April 12, 1951, lilacs are in bloom on the divider strip of the Outer Drive. After dark I’ll cut a small branch to give my mother. She loves both the color and the bouquet. She still lives in the only house she ever owned. The house, the lilac bushes, the perfume of the blooms, her joy and sadness as she places them in a cut glass vase my father gave her the year before he dies, none of this is in the photograph taken from the Detroit Free Press and pasted in her lost scrapbook. That photograph is part of history. It’s filed on microfilm in the archives of Labor & Urban Affairs at Wayne State and even now must be turning into dust, giving up its facts & its faces.