Five Points, Vol. 19, no. 3

Winter 2019

"I would say that writing gives me the greatest pleasure of anything in life, that writing is what is fulfilling for me; there is nothing else in life like it when it is happening, and that when it is happening it is just a matter of stepping aside."
—William Gay

Sample Content

Sharon Dolin
My Life in a Coffee Cup

What I poured in
    I drank—and what I drank
I became. My tongue led me

to taste the entrance to things—
    my lips, split apart, in pursuit—
my eyes strayed to other eyes

when the cup overturned—
    my nose drank in
the escaping mist—my ears

on their own foraged
    save for instants of sip
& pour. First, letters fell

into the cup—then, words
    canalized the mud
as I stirred in the milk

drinking it up, whole
    phrases tumbled in:
it took many strokes

to hook and pull them out
    clean onto the page—
white like the roughest sea—

as the words spilled out
    the cup emptied until
night’s ink scavenged

the dark and refilled the cup
    when I poured
and once more

drank down the world.