Five Points, Vol. 6 No. 1

Fall 2001

From John Hollander, “I don’t think form is the essence of poetry. I think all this other stuff is.”

Sample Content

Gerald Stern

Try a small black radio from any year
and listen to the voices you get, they were
much faster then, they raced ahead of us
and rushed to the music; love was in a rocking chair,
the floor was crooked, the moon was already in
the sky, though it was daylight still; or love
was in a Studebaker, we were driving east
and we had no idea of how long the corporation
would last, or if there was a corporation, how could we?
And did it have its headquarters in Delaware
for taxes and connections, though the doors
were heavy and solid, what was the year? 55?
The Lark appeared in 1958 or
59—it was their last attempt,
thought I remember the Wagoneer, it was 19
66 and something called the Cruiser; we had
Nat King Cole on the radio though static
was bad in Pennsylvania, given the mountains,
and there was a lever you pushed to make a bed—
I hope I’m getting it right—the leaves on the windshield
were large and wet, the song was Unforgettable,
the tree was either a swamp male or a sycamore.