Five Points, Vol. 10 No. 3

Fall 2006

From Richard Howard, “I’ll have to go back a ways in order to respond. In teaching the works of Marianne Moore, of George Santayana, and of Henry James, I run into this question. These three people, apparently, had very little erotic connection with any other human being, as far as we know.”

Table of Contents


  • Charles Simic
    • Metaphysics Anonymous
    • Sight Seeing in the Capital
    • Same-As-Ever
  • Gerald Stern
    • Stomachs
    • Flute II
  • Jane Hirshfield
    • All Day the Difficult Waiting
    • Rainstorm Visibly Shining in the Left-out Spoon of a Leaf
  • Susan Wood
    • The Soul Bone
  • Billy Collins
    • High
  • Richard Tillinghast
    • My Guardian Angel
    • They Gambled for Your Clothes
    • Arrival
  • Lauren K. Watel
    • My Orpheus
  • Richard Howard
    • The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus by Castor and Pollux
  • David Wagoner
    • In the Green Room
  • Thomas Lux
  • Eamon Grennan
  • Taije Silverman
    • Letter to Mandelstam


  • Jana Martin / Galletas
  • Tom Martin / Trick or Treat
  • Jim Tomlinson / First Husband, First Wife
  • Jennifer Haigh / Deadbeat



  • Richard Howard / An Interview with Greg Fraser


  • Virginia Beth Shields / Flesh and Blood