Five Points, Vol. 5 No. 3

Summer 2001

From David St. John, “I think that one of the great dilemmas of contemporary poetry is that there’s a kind of reliance on reportage. Whether it’s domestic or political, there’s a sense that the illusion of truth, the illusion of a particular journalistic truth necessarily occasions great consequence, and that’s just not so.”

Table of Contents


  • David Baker
    • Mr. Whitman’s Book
    • No One Said
    • White Heron Pond
  • T.R. Hummer
    • Little Epic of Oblivion
    • Sunrise Raga with Cat Motif and Continental Drift
  • Elizabeth Seydel Morgan
    • The Birthday
  • Mary Oliver
    • Tree Sparrows
    • Walking to Oak-Head Pond, and Thinking of the Ponds I Will Visit in the Next Days and Weeks
  • David St. John
  • Kim Addonizio
    • Body and Soul
    • Ex-boyfriends
    • The Way of the World
  • Linda Pastan
  • Thomas Lux
    • Breakbone Fever


  • Sheila Kohler / Youth
  • Stephen Gibson / Dooley’s Grill and Tavern
  • Doug Dorst / Black Roses
  • Elizabeth Stuckey-French / Where the Bad Guys Are



  • David St. John / An Interview with Tod Marshall


  • R.W.B. Lewis / Introduction
  • Robert Penn Warren / Role of the Writer in Society


  • T.W. Meyer / Cultural Detritus