Five Points, Vol. 8 No. 1

Winter 2004

From Richard Bausch, “For a time, I went around with the suspicion that I might be a writer, exactly the way some kids go around wondering if they’re adopted- I mean, it wasn’t as if I would choose it. I was, you know, doing it all the time, so it was more as if I was questioning whether or not it was part of my nature.”

Table of Contents


  • Alice Hoffman
  • Michael Knight
    • Midnight at the Admiral Semmes
  • Laura Dave
    • Two Boys Named Bill
  • Jill McCorkle
    • Travelers
  • Allen Wier
    • The Taste of Dirt
  • Ginger Walker
  • Agnes Rossi
    • Dressing Up the Baby
  • Caitlin Greenleaf Johnson
    • You Never Lived in the Country
  • Julie Lamb Stemple
    • An Only Child
  • Robyn Kirby Wright
    • In My Country
  • Tara Yellen
    • The Marion County Fair
  • George Garrett
    • Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain


  • Ann Marie Lavorta / An Interview with Richard Bausch


  • Karen Schwartz / A Portrait of Richard Bausch
  • Paula Eubanks / Ossabaw Island: A Magical Landscape