Five Points, Vol. 5 No. 3

Summer 2001

From David St. John, “I think that one of the great dilemmas of contemporary poetry is that there’s a kind of reliance on reportage. Whether it’s domestic or political, there’s a sense that the illusion of truth, the illusion of a particular journalistic truth necessarily occasions great consequence, and that’s just not so.”

Sample Content

David St. John

She was a doorway opening onto the light
She was the light within this doorway

She stood like the single aperture of the night
A last molded pupil of flesh

Dilated entirely by the absolute & eloquent
Profile of desire


A doorway at the tunnel of the body
More luminous than the mind

Where he stood before her every filament ablaze
Every lens of consciousness et cetera


The molten speed of the moment signaling
The arrival of their bodies upon a shifting plain of stars

So blank not even the shadow of the moon might arrive
Without some suture of surprise