Five Points, Vol. 11 No. 3

Fall 2007

From Karen Finley, “I think I realized my own version of the American Dream in that I am doing exactly what I wanted to do.”

Sample Content

Anne Panning
Tidal Wave Wedding

Rob had seen it happen so many times since living in Hawaii, he immediately picked up on the telltale signs: a handsome, sunburned, young couple combed the beach, hand in hand, the woman in tears, the man determined and morose. A sympathetic group of onlookers helped the two honeymooners search in vain through the damp, sparkling sand: a lost wedding band. Today, this sunny Monday in June, was no different. Rob, a lean and stylish hairdresser with bleached white hair, waded out of the water with his big blue flippers flapping against the current. His snorkel mask gripped tightly to the top of his head like a small yellow bonnet, and he approached the couple, hoping to help.