James Dickey Prize for Poetry

by Megan Sexton  ·  August 01, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Bruce Bond has been awarded the Five Points 2023–2024 James Dickey Prize for Poetry. His work will be published in Vol. 22, no. 2, and he will receive $1000.

Bruce Bond is the author of 35 books including, most recently, Patmos (Juniper Prize, UMass, 2021), Behemoth (New Criterion Prize, 2021), Liberation of Dissonance (Schaffner Award for Literature in Music, Schaffner, 2022), Choreomania (MadHat, 2023), and Invention of the Wilderness (LSU, 2023), plus two books of criticism, Immanent Distance (UMichigan, 2015) and Plurality and the Poetics of Self (Palgrave, 2019). Among his forthcoming books are Therapon (co-authored with Dan Beachy-Quick, Tupelo), Vault (Richard Snyder Award, Ashland), Lunette (Wishing Jewel Prize Editor’s Selection, Green Linden Press) and The Dove of the Morning News (Test Site Poetry Prize, U. of NV).  Other honors include the Crab Orchard Award, Elixir Press Poetry Award, Tampa Review Book Prize, two TIL Best Book of Poetry awards, fellowships from the NEA and the Texas Institute for the Arts, and seven appearances in Best American Poetry.  Presently he teaches part-time as a Regents Emeritus Professor of English at the University of North Texas and performs jazz and classical guitar in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.